What we do

Namma Kumarapalayam Employment Services is an online as well as offline marketplace connecting jobseekers and hiring managers seamlessly. Launched in 2018, Namma Kumarapalayam Employment Services caters to jobseekers by helping them in career counselling and also job searching.  It started working for multiple industries (Manufacturing, Core industries, FMCG, FMCD, Telecom, Insurance, Hotel & Hospitality, Banking and Finance etc.) handle multiple industries manpower requirements for Jr & Sr level positions successfully in economy. We are not only servicing as a consulting firm of choice for human resource professionals, business leaders and executives, we are also trusted advisors to employment and labor attorneys who assist their clients in skillfully managing an organization’s human resources.

Why we are your choice

HR and Mentors in our team help jobseekers in finding their career goals, they also help in filtering candidates for a hiring manager who is hiring through Namma Kumarapalayam Employment Services. An easy, quick and budgeted hiring is made possible at Namma Kumarapalayam Employment Services. Advanced   Strategic HR plans and recruitment process sends relevant search results to job providers, instead of spamming the inboxes day-in-and-out. It bridges the gap between the Job providers and Job seekers.

Who we are

We are backed by a remote team of HR’s, Mentors and Experts in HR Process and it is headquartered at Kumarapalayam.

How we do

Namma Kumarapalayam Employment Services aims at providing right guidance at the right stage and enabling the needs, to gain employment.

Summary of Namma Kumarapalayam Employment Services

  1. Keeps personal, professional profile of employees along with list of their family dependents and facilities offered by company
  2. Interact with various concerns and get their vacancy position.
  3. Our Office is a easy point of contact for all to enroll themselves for employment opportunities
  4. Record each candidates Internal & External Documents.
  5. Recruitment Module
  6. Training Module
  7. Compliance Information and non-compliance records
  8. Legal Issues information recording.
  9. Skill Enhancement Training for fresher’s
  10. Corporate Trainings.

This program is for the user who are either HR Professionals or manager who wants to keep records of the employee.